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JoPPS en JoPPS Administrator opstart parameters

JoPPS en Administrator bieden een aantal parameters die bij het starten van het programma kunnen worden meegegeven:



Force JoPPS to look directly in the PARADOX database rather than to look in the cache.
Disable validation of record information before posting into the PARADOX database.
Ability to specify an alternate JoPPS configuration file: eg.: JoPPS –ININAMEmy_jopps 
Ability to specify an alternate NetHASP configuration file: eg.: JoPPS –CFGNAMEc:\temp\alternatieve_nethasp 
Ability to specify an alternate Server where HASP License Manager Service is running
Ability to specify an alternate HASP License Manager Name, default is TechWIN 
Open project fn once the user is logged on eg.: JoPPS -O"a:\my project.jp"
-DBdatabase id
Specifies the default database to open eg.: JoPPS -DBra
-O and -DB
Can not be used in conjunction
Force JoPPS to ask which database to open
Do not display the splash dialog during startup
Maximize the main JoPPS window when started
Display the JoPPS wizard once the user is logged on
Do not display the JoPPS wizard
Open the project manager once the user is logged on, this option overrides the -WIZARD option
Disable planning (only if the planning option is granted by license)
Enable system warnings (DLLl loading/DLL versions)
Size of io buffer in Kbytes  (default = 64K, max = 128)
Overrides the name for the license file to use eg.:-Ltest. Name only, no path or extension
Specify the section to use in the given license file eg. -Soffer. Parameters [Offer] section used instead of [Secure] section. This allows multiple configurations using one single license file
Enables creation database checksums (internal use only, 0000-00)
Enables debug mode (extra information at different levels)
Functionaliteit gekoppeld aan deze parameter:
  • extra doorsnede editorfuncties, vooral met doel controle van logica doorsnede generatie
  • logging uitgevoerde queries en resultaten bij genereren van XML gegevens in tijdelijke folder
  • JoPPS MC Manager geeft dan boodschap venster met SQL gebruikt voor CRUD op tabellen
  • aanmaken logging bestand in root folder van JoPPS met beslissingslogica van de kar & vak informatie
  • resultaat tabellen worden shared aangemaakt in de tijdelijke folder in plaats van exclusief in private folder
  • in editor extra mogelijkheden in contextmenu onder rechterklik (bemaat, profieltype, bewaren, opladen, …) indien een object geslecteerd
  • in editor komen exceptions ook in foutboodschappen venster onderaan
  • in bibliotheek menu mogelijkheden “bewaren” en “opladen” beschikbaar indien kader/vleugel geselecteerd
Do not save/restore form positions and settings in/from the windows registry
Runs the specified script fn once logged on
Runs the specified script fn before logon
Disable all "silent" scripting features
paths (1 or more paths separated by ;, eventually containing %%
parameters) in which report files will be sought before they get sought in the normal report paths
Do not popup the login dialogbox at startup
Do not load the JoPPS-Script extension library (JSEXT.DLL)
Do not start the JoPPS event manager (EVENT.DLL)
Allow multiple instances of JoPPS
Always regenerates all selected reports
Do not update 'recent files'
Run the specified plugin
Show the old General toolbar
Determines how the messagepane is closed, mode=0, mode=1, mode=9: do not close automatically (as before v2.70)
Emulates an MDI application
Automatically login with user, ATTENTION 'user' is case sensitief
Disables owner information for changing records
Use license instead of username as owner of the record
Automatically login with password, ATTENTION 'password' is case sensitief
Forces the login dialog to be displayed
Tries to login automatically without showing the login dialog
Do not check wether the database was closed correctly during the previous session.
Create log file from Hasp access
During the calculations, the script used are displayed in the message window of JoPPS
View the results of the OPTIMAL1DX.DLL through a dialogue


Administrator PARAMETERS


-DBdatabase id
Specifies the database to select e.g.: jadmin -DBZENDOW21
Overrides the name for the license file to use eg.:-Ltest. Name only, no path or extension
Specify the section to use in the given license file eg. -Soffer. Parameters [Offer] section used instead of [Secure] section. This allows multiple configurations using one single license file
Launches Licensce Installer in the given mode.
Specifies JAx-files for automatic install and display completion message:
jadmin "-id:\install\data\ra\ra.jad|d:\install\data\ra\admin$ra.jaa"
(only JAx-files for Data, Accesses and the ADMIN User are processed; if there are no files in the list, then only the completion message is shown)
Specifies JAx-files for unattended automatic update:
jadmin "-ud:\install\data\ra\ra.jad|d:\install\data\ra\admin$ra.jaa"
(matching occurs on the code of the user and/or data, an error is issued when matching fails; program exits when done)
Specifies which JAM-file to run unattended and exit. If logfile is omitted, then jamfile with and extension of .LOG is used as log file
jadmin -pc:\joppswin\cmd\repl1.jam,c:\joppswin\log\repl1.log
(has to be used in conjunction with -db parameter if multiple databases are installed)
Specifies the password to logon to be password. The default logon dialog is disabled. If the password is incorrect, errorlevel 1011 is returned.
Fatal startup errors will not be shown in a dialog. Only the correct errorlevel will be set.
The patch log file will be generated but NOT shown in the log viewer: instead only a busy message appears. Only works in combination with the -p option.
(this troubleshooting option was introduced to avoid a bug in the Windows RichEdit control when passing 32K boundaries)
"-restoredumpdump location|backup location"
Automatic recovery of system and basic tables from previous JoPPS version (the dump and backup locations are starting points of the directory trees in which data was dumped resp. backed up). Note the double quote characters " around the whole parameter as | is not allowed directly in a command line.
Disable automatic search for shared tables
Every write of data also updates Owner and Modified fields to the currently connected dongle resp. the system date.


Administrator ERRORLEVELS


Startup errors

Path to system tables does not exist
Could not create system tables
Cannot create system record
Cannot create ADMIN user
Logon impossible
Too many logon attempts
Logon cancelled by user
Password incorrect (-checkpwd option)
Program not running exclusively
Some system tables could not be opened
User ADMIN could no be locked
No dongle found
No license file found
License file not valid
Version system tables not compatible
Update errors
File not found
Invalid type of .JAx file
User does not exist
Profile does not exist
Data package invalid
Database does not exist
Error extracting database
User in use
Profile in use
Database in use
Database and macro errors
No databases
Mutiple databases, but no database code specified
Database database id not found
Database database id currently in use (retry attempt cancelled by user)
jamfile not found
Cannot open jamfile
Cannot read from jamfile
Cannot create logfile
Cannot write to logfile
Error or user abort during execution of jamfile (see log file)
Automatic recovery errors
Exception occurred
Contents file cannot be opened
Contents file contains errors
File cannot be opened
Creation of a directory failed
Creation of empty database tables failed
A database was unavailable for import
Import of a database failed
Import of remark for a record failed
Recovery aborted by user
Normal exit
No errors occurred
Other exit codes are possible (eg. run-time errors)





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